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Whether it be for a bucks, birthday or just for a laugh, rounding up the lads for a cruise with BBQ Buoys is a guaranteed hoot!

By Daniel Duke  

I remember a couple of years ago I was having dinner with a couple of mates at the Dumpling Market during OzAsia fest. As the sun set in front of us, we gazed out onto a perfectly still River Torrens and our interest was piqued by four donut shaped boats bobbing gently upstream past the Adelaide Oval.

As they passed, the scent of a classic Strayan barbie wafted in the Buoys wake and the glassy water reflected beaming smiles of those aboard. We all looked at each other simultaneously and agreed we’d have to do it one day – but as is the way, that did take some time to come.

Once we’d finally got it together and locked a date in, the rest of the booking process was super easy: jump on the website, select the number of people in your boat (max of 10), pre order drinks and opt for either a BBQ or a tabletop and you’re pretty much there.

The range of drinks was great, predominantly South Australian beers (except Corona) and wines from brands we all know and love such as Coopers, Prancing Pony, Bird in Hand and Alpha, Box and Dice among others. We also opted for the good weather guarantee just in case the weather turned pear shaped and we needed a refund. Fortunately, we were blessed with an absolute pearler of an afternoon.

As the day rolled around, my motley mob of eight assembled at the meeting point on Pinky Flat. The welcoming and friendly staff signed us in and whisked us onto our Buoy. After a quick but thorough briefing, we were on our way! The boat was super easy to operate and we managed to keep the thing out of the weeds.

Given our 3pm booking was in between lunch and dinner, we opted to pre-book a grazing platter through the website. The platter by locals Amazing Grazers was not only presented beautifully, it was bloody delicious! The generous ranges of top shelf cheese, dips, cured meats and all the trimmings satisfied the 8 of us on board – including the two that forgot to have lunch.

Putting along on the picturesque and surprisingly serene riverscape was a blast, it’s easy to forget the CBD is barely a couple of hundred metres away.

As the beers flowed (responsibly of course), tunes played on the bluetooth speaker and photos were taken with the selfie stick provided; all of us marvelled the attention to detail of the BBQ Buoys experience. It was a truly flawless way to spend a Spring arvo with your mates.

South Australia is full of touristy one-upmanship and BBQ Buoys stands tall as one of the most uniquely brilliant ideas this state has to offer. Both the location and execution are perfect and I can’t wait to rally up the troops for another go. Maybe I’ll even cook next time…

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